Image: Preschool Plan It

Image: Preschool Plan It

Oh, I’m excited about today. It’s day of O and I have so many O words in my leadership vocabulary.

My top five O leadership words are:

Firstly, I enjoy observing people. I build a portfolio of client data to enable me to provide feedback to them - feedback with facts is far more useful than hearsay. Helping people with 1/ what they are doing well and 2/ how they can improve their leadership behaviours.

Then opportunity – we are always looking for opportunities to learn, grow, experiment and change. Life is exciting when we introduce new stuff. My personality is all about opportunity – it’s on my radar 100% of the time! In particular, I hear myself asking, “what opportunity is there to change the way you view that matter?”

Obstacles are what we face every day in our life of leadership. Viewing our challenges, problems and concerns as obstacles, enables us to take ownership and re-frame our mind, knowing that we can walk around them, climb them or remove them. It’s all in the mind how you view life and these two words, obstacles and ownership highlight the importance of our personal leadership – it’s what is inside us, what people don’t see that makes us stand out as leaders.

Openness is close to one of my key character strengths – I believe it’s important to tell it as it is, to be honest and not sugar coat facts. The quicker we can communication information, the quicker we can get everyone on board to enjoy it or fix it.

What’s in your language of leadership? Today I’d love to hear your O words.

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I Moach. Do you?

At times I find myself becoming impatient when I’m 'Coaching'; I just want to tell the ‘Coachee’ what to do! And when I 'Mentor', I can see that the Mentee is struggling to understand their own Drive, Values and Motivation.

So, I popped Mentoring, Coaching and a flavouring of Facilitation into the blender and voilà, I created Moaching! Some of you will say, “That’s not new” and I say “Hooray for you”. However, some of you need a little hand with mixing and appllying these practices.

Here’s a snapshot of the elements. Try it out. If not, shout and I’ll help you out!

When you Moach, use the TORCH Model:

TALK – lead the conversation to uncover drive & motivations

OPPORTUNITIES – explore what’s on your Map and in your Mind

RISKS – assess the probabilities & possibilities of your decision making

CHOICE – make a choice & be Accountable

HOW – discuss how do you make it happen?

I consider your role as a leader to hold the torch, shine it on the many paths and help decisions to be made out of the choices which takes them to their destination.