When is your next 'time out'?

I jumped on the Melbourne Star yesterday with my kin. Slightly nervous (a slight fear of heights) however being such a glorious day and being one to take the odd risk or two I was easily coaxed with the excitment erupting from the kids!

And, what a gorgeous and exciting experience it was - Melbourne put on a show. We could see much further than I expected and it reminded me of 'the need to get off the dance floor and getting up into the balcony' - McKinseys shared this concept many moons ago and it still holds true.

When was your last 'time out' - specifically to view the world from a different advantage point to gain insight and learn what's really going on?

Here it is - sound advice: Block your diary - select a viewing spot (somewhere completely different to your usual workspace) take no devices, I suggest a pencil and notepad and go there. Think, reflect, feel, observe, replay previous events in your mind and gain some learning about your past. Then, consider a different/better/changed/improved approach to what you're doing and the route you're taking on your map.

Taking time out may even improve your dance steps!



With my kids!