How do you lead people who are in shock?

As many people wake to the horror news of the Malaysia Airlines (MH17) flight crash, how are you preparing to lead your people as they deal with this news?

When I reflect on 9/11, my team located in our Melbourne offices had a desperate need to talk, to be close to others and to focus on the disaster, not on work. We moved our office to a local cafe for a few hours to make sense of what was happening. 

We are social human beings: we are meant to be with others, we all have a varying degree of caring and helping values and we like to share our experiences. It makes sense then to see life through the lens of your people as they try and cope and make sense of what has happened.

Today, focus on being a social human leader. Help your people deal with this shock by creating an evironment to discuss their thoughts, feelings and experiences. Talk less about business while you share a coffee/tea/juice. Just be there and be you.