Lou's Leadership Views: Are you in or out of touch?

I watched a quirky short movie, ‘In-Box’, for my #EDCMOOC, and identified with the impact technology has on our communication and reality hit me - I touch my ‘i’ devices far more regularly than I touch my kids, husband, family and friends! I tap, swipe, press and switch and talk into these devices every morning, day & night.

How many kisses, hugs, conversations and ‘pats on the back’ do you give/have a day with all these special people, whose relationship you’d do almost anything to maintain to continue to cherish?

It is impossible to be out of touch with the world happenings these days – we follow people and news as it breaks on Twitter, we communicate our feelings and views and news via our Facebook pages and share our passion through Pinterest. We can’t possibly be out of touch.

However, I suggest we are possibly out of touch with those closest to us.  Our attention is immediately pulled away from an important conversation by these devices and we even take them to bed and avoid intimacy.  

Being in touch with people is about listening, observing, conversing, eating together and being mindful of what is important to them and your relationship. A good leadership practice is making interruption free time every day to be with your special people – try eating lunch together and get in touch!