What's Your Alliance Magic?

What's your Alliance Magic?

It was inspiring to listen to a dynamic group of health professional proclaim their leadership pledge. Above all the great deeds they wish to fulfill, at the completion of their leadership program they have a challenge to keep connected and plan for a 2040 Alliance Magic.

Imagine having all western and eastern disciplines of health practices working collaboratively, potentially using one system where all health information was accessible and shared to enable an adaptive approach to health excellence.

In the past, I have worked across nations, sharing projects across neighboring and distant countries and in the corporate world simply hosting functions with bankers, accountants and lawyers.

Putting like minded folk together, breaking down perception, creating understanding and sharing practices has to be a good thing. Right?

What's your Alliance Magic? If you could wave a magic wand, which groups of people would you pull together at a table and create some magic together solving a problem and creating an innovative solution or merely sharing a perfectly working practice?

Being a leader  you have the opportunity to influence this to transpire. Being a great leader, you'll make this happen.

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