Power, Permission & Profit

I took a rest day yesterday to listen to other folk share their views, wisdom and thoughts on The Furture of Leadership.

I was immersed in models, metaphors, images and great stories of people's leadership experience and their equation of what's needed next.

Whilst there were no epiphanies for me I found myself taking notes about leadership stuff which I know, have experienced and observed but hearing it reframed and in a different context.

Given our headspace is at capacity, this is the reason to take time out and allow others to resort, relabel and challenge you to retry the stuff you've known. At the end of the day the information was percolating!

Some of my bold scribbles included:

POWER - you have a choice of the power you exert - soft power creates the pull: stories, tone of voice, behaviour which is supportive whereas hard power is the push - people who create noise to show control and temper with our fear

PERMISSION - when you have a team functioning with respect for each other, there is no need to ask for permission - there is a level of trust established which enables you to choose the sensible action 

PROFIT - there was no profit made at this fabulous event - all funds went directly to Hands Across the Water charity - which recently paid for Baby Gammy's heart operation.

With too many speakers to write about individually I recommend that if you're interested to discrupt your leadership status quo, take yourself to Brisbane on 14th October for the next Future of Leadership event.