Can Australians Lead Customer Service?

Whilst enjoying the gorgeous Noosa on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland I couldn't help but build a mini database of customer service experiences. When you bring twelve women together, who gather once a year - they are generally interested in a few specific activities: talking, drinking champagne, eating, shopping, sightseeing and more talking. 

Most of these activities involve a degree of customer service (and whilst I don't intentionally mean the academic use of the word degree - I am leaning in that direction). Some levels of service was outstanding and others were relatively good - there were limited complaints.

My database did spit out something interesting though - those that were on the exceptional end of the customer service continuum were not Australian. Yep, that's right.  The Aussies were doing a nice job of balancing the continuum.

By far, the French speaking Noosa folk won hands down - they led the customer service tally board and a smattering of other Europeans followed. (Most had only lived here for a few years.) In one case we were in the hands of a French woman who looked after all 12 of us for two hours and it was a memorable event. (And we know women will share this event story numerous times over.)

So, can Australians Lead Customer Service? [Pause, reflect, refer to your database, analyse, think.]

In actual fact, they can and they are. I suspect given our conversations that those delivering the customer service, didn't own the business; they were hired because of their talent to work in the business and be the customer interfacing folk. Good leaders hire folk who are better than they are; people who are right for the role.

If you delve further into your database who do you believe is leading Customer Service in Australia? I believe Telstra are doing a great job - they are totally consistent across all stores and on-line. Your thoughts?