What’s important for me at Easter?

Many folk rush out the door today; they escape for the long weekend, off to catch up with friends and family for a meal or maybe they have some other annual ritual.

Ponder for a moment and consider the answer to this question: What’s important for me at Easter?

There are so many customs, rituals, celebrations and annual events at Easter: too many to list. Many of us observe the days due to our religious up-bringing and for others it’s a thankful public holiday treat.  

Either way, what is common for most folk is the time shared together with special people. And, it’s when we’re in the same space, we can reflect on what’s important. You know the chatter … “remember when ….” or, “why don’t we ….“ and the big one “I wish ….”.

We’re lucky enough to also celebrate this weekend, ‘Neighbour Day’. We have 60+ joining us – we’re having a BBQ, Egg Hunt and a general beer, wine and catch-up in our street park. The kids have a great time playing together and we adults get to understand what’s important to those living around us.

Enjoy the Easter break and make a few people feel special by checking in on them to hear what’s important.