Create Thinking Time

I ran the Melbourne Half Marathon yesterday. I had over two hours of thinking time which I attempted to utilise effectively! It was tough concentrating at times, especially when soreness took my attention or people decades older than me passed me with limited grunting, however,  I found a few blocks of time that I was able to concentrate. 

The medal which reminds me of the achievement of my fitness performance goal.

The medal which reminds me of the achievement of my fitness performance goal.

Three thinking themes emerged:

Why do people do this run? What drives them to endure physical pain? Were they convinced by someone else or did they set the goal themselves? I planned earlier in the year to complete the Marathon which my running partner grabbed hold of and had us training for many months. We're both performance focused and it's our internal desire to challenge ourselves which see us entering in all these running events! 

The BIG question for you is - do you know what drives you to enable you to create goals to fulfill your drive?

The second of my thoughts was what will I do next? What will I achieve, physically, in 2016? So I mapped out a plan to achieve the goal for three other running friends to complete the 2016 Oxfam 100km trailwalker. Hours later, we had a meeting to get this action planning running! No wasting time and it was good excuse to crack open a bottle of bubbles to celebrate.

The 2nd BIG question for you is - what physical/health goals do you have? (And did you have one for this year?)

Finally, while I ran I was concentrating on the voices which controlled my thinking and feelings. It was amazing how my pace changed dependent on 'who' was talking! Penny the Planner was great at identifying the next landmark to focus on whereas Wanda the Whinger was the one reminding me that my right glutes were in pain. Wise Wilma reminded me that I should be thankful that I'm not doing the Marathon and not to complain as the pain wouldn't compare!

And the 3rd BIG question for you is - which voices control you? Who makes things happen and who prevents you from getting things done?

Whilst you may not have the interest or inclination to put your body through hell, I do hope you are inspired to create time to think: to set goals, plan and implement. It doesn't come naturally for some and many just don't find the time.

If you want to know how I do it, let's connect. I have a super formula. 


I Moach. Do you?

At times I find myself becoming impatient when I’m 'Coaching'; I just want to tell the ‘Coachee’ what to do! And when I 'Mentor', I can see that the Mentee is struggling to understand their own Drive, Values and Motivation.

So, I popped Mentoring, Coaching and a flavouring of Facilitation into the blender and voilà, I created Moaching! Some of you will say, “That’s not new” and I say “Hooray for you”. However, some of you need a little hand with mixing and appllying these practices.

Here’s a snapshot of the elements. Try it out. If not, shout and I’ll help you out!

When you Moach, use the TORCH Model:

TALK – lead the conversation to uncover drive & motivations

OPPORTUNITIES – explore what’s on your Map and in your Mind

RISKS – assess the probabilities & possibilities of your decision making

CHOICE – make a choice & be Accountable

HOW – discuss how do you make it happen?

I consider your role as a leader to hold the torch, shine it on the many paths and help decisions to be made out of the choices which takes them to their destination.

How do you foster your workplace culture & climate?

As we approach the Australia Day 'Long Weekend', people are gearing up to celebrate. There are flags on cars, the supermarkets are full of Aussie paraphernalia and merchandise and the talk is all about what you're doing on the weekend.

It's this weekend which the behaviours of Australians are truly typified. We can easily describe to others the pride, comradre and the heartfelt caring of each other to those who've never experienced an Aussie Day Holiday.

So, do we encourage this 'culture' amongst our colleagues in the workplace? Do we see people:

  • wearing the company's logo on their chest and singing company songs?

  • eating breakfast & socialising together, and

  • giving empathy hugs and helping each complete their work tasks?

Whilst this is 'tongue ‘n cheek' it highlights the thinking around the possibilities of the culture & climate in workplaces if we foster an environment and lead people to discover how their work can fulfil their 'Drive'. 

Given that we're a compost of nations and generations, our role as leaders is complex - so relax over these three days and enjoy the celebration of our history!