Bullying, Bad Behaviour & Bureaucracy

I would have thought that with all the resources & technology at our fingertips, human resource experts available and best practice case studies being broadcasted, that 'Bullying, Bad Behaviour and Bureaucracy would be prehistoric reading!

In the past week, I've had three separate conversations and they all cite similar issues in their workplace. Oh dear!

So, how do we as individuals persevere and continue to maintain our energy, focus and sanity in these types of workplaces. It takes a certain type of individual to champion the change and make things change. Today I watched a man wear the most gorgeous blue stiletto shoes, all for a good cause, but gosh, he gained attention.

Yes, I'm talking about being drastic at times and subliminal most of the time – we are quirky human beings but we are built with an ability to adapt, change, be influenced and cajoled!  You can appeal to what turns them on, make them feel important (try and find their strengths), ask them to help you in using these strengths and thank people.

It takes Leadership to STOP doing these naughty 'Bs' – it can be as simple as making a public announcement and being consistent (if it's 'the boss' - better still). Other small changes can be tackled with some fun ‘e.g. celebrate stopping' – make light of it - have a laugh and giggle – that’s a re-energising activity for the workplace!

Have a Fabulous Friday, and taking a line from Mindful in May – “take a moment to give yourself some appreciation and gratitude for the effort you’ve made so far … "