Yep, the big question is ...

How prepared am I for 2014? 

In about 50 days we'll be saying good-bye to 2013 and waking up to a new year. 

Most folks are planning celebrations, catch-ups, Christmas parties and a few folk are creating opportunities to review their year and strategies in preparation for the future.

I'm a big planner - I challenge myself (and others)  to do things, become better, aim for results and in particular, follow through what you set out to do.

Today my kids went to school with no Lunch Order. Remember the days of a Hot Pie, Tomato Sauce or a Sausage Roll? During the week, they didn't do what they were asked to do and were repeatedly warned of the consequence!  It would have been easy to allow the brown paper bags and coins to go to school but I held my ground. I had to remind the six year old of the 'why' (it was three days ago) and the nine year old said, "I'll do the right thing and suffer the consequence." (It was difficult to hold a straight face!)

It's easy to set goals, be creative with ideas and sell the story.  

It's tough to make it happen, fulfill the commitment and see things through to the end. We talk about making messages stick but I find most people just get stuck! 

My steps to to be prepared are:

  • list your goals, promises, plans, wishes & dreams you stated or thought about in 2013
  • identify which ones eventuated and the ones that didn't get off the ground or are incomplete
  • of the successful ones, identify how, why, when etc - what is the common reason
  • of the incomplete ones, analyse where you're getting stuck.

If you start following these steps, then you're ready to address the problems with solutions. If you struggle with these steps, you need someone to help you. Get a Coach! 

Get that marker out (this has to be big & visual) and get cracking.  Do this now and be in a better position to be prepared for 2014.