Conquer Your Week - Apply The F Model

It’s Monday. A good day to kick off: new projects, new habits and a start afresh.

However, it’s a busy week for me; too many projects are due by this Friday so all the great ideas will have to wait.

So, to conquer this week, I'm pulling out the big guns and applying the 'F' Model. It’s a simple four quadrant model which prevents the F Bomb occurring!

I'm more than happy to share my little gem as long as your promise to apply it and then share it with a fellow time-poor colleagues.

Plan & Plot your week into THE F MODEL:

FACTS: What have I - completed, not acted upon, half completed and what do I need to know?

FLEXIBLE: What must I – do, give up, change and possibly admit failing at and can put aside?

FAST: What can I do within a one hour ‘no interruptions’ time zone and finish?

FURIOUS: What requires a big chunk of time and must be done? I must be able to live with only three-quarters of it completed i.e. it won't be perfect but it's usable?

Spending 15 minutes of quality planning & plotting time gives you more opportunity to be effective, brave and still fabulous!

When Friday @ Five eventuates (albeit too quickly) you can identify the FLUFF that didn't take precedent, the FEELINGS which are generally encountered when the pressure is on and finally and most importantly, the FAILURES. It’s the failures which encourage innovation for new projects the following week.