Lou's Leadership Views: POWER CHATTING

It takes only a few words, OK, maybe a sentence or two from someone else’s mouth to trigger an idea.

If you're willing to open your ears and mind to possibilities then you're off and running (which is what I'm doing as I mentally record this blog!)

Sitting at your desk, especially if you isolate yourself in your office, space or home, your creativity is stifled. OK for those introverts, hear me out!

Having a POWER CHAT can be your weapon of inspiration, inventiveness and can mass destruct the negativity and self-doubt brewing in your head.

Generally a POWER CHATTING is freeform and if you require an example of how it operates, simply observe two or more women together and just watch!

Seriously, too often we become focused on what we're doing and forget about the meaningful relationships which we treasure. People are happy and generally more than willing to help and share their thoughts, ideas and offer advice. It’s these words (and pictures) which if given the opportunity will grow legs and lead to new quests and success.

I've just kicked off a local women’s business network and there is such eagerness amongst the women to help each other grow each other’s business by simply POWER CHATTING.

So, who are you going to contact and arrange a POWER CHAT with today?