Do you celebrate Hump Day?


The day which we strive to survive in order to see the weekend on the horizon.

We sometimes celebrate it (any excuse to have a wine during the week!) - especially if it's been a tough few days. 

Whilst I enjoy my week of work, I do look forward to Friday night and my weekend. We celebrate the week @ 5pm with champagne & chips, reviewing what was great and plan out the weekend.

What I want to differentiate is that some folk whinge, whine or worry about their week and on the weekend do the same about the following week! I'm not saying they are negative folk, they are expressing their unhappiness about their current state of being.

I offer you a tool which you can use with those who you hear being unhappy about their work/life.  It's a conversation model which opens the opportunity to discuss how to make decisions, choices, changes, when faced with a crossroad in life.

The Crossroads Model - The Grove Consulting Firm, SF, USA

The Crossroads Model - The Grove Consulting Firm, SF, USA

It can be completed individually but we all know that we 'put off' these types of activities. So, if you can take the lead and do it together, you would be really helping both of you.

If this helps you or a colleague then our Driving Your Life program is a vehicle to make decisions in life. We use numerous reflective and conversation tools to choose the right road to take. 

Connect with me to learn about our program

The Power Of Being Held Accountable


To say it was awesome is an understatement. And there isn't any ego attached to this statement!

This week, together with my 'Driving Your Life' co-pilot, Cynthia Mahoney, we hosted a six month review with a group of 'drivers' who participated in our inaugural two day pit-stop workshop.

We arranged the venue, communicated the date, time and the intent: that is all we did. The crew took over and checked in with the progress they had made with the action plans they created in February. They asked questions of each other, made observations, questioned some assumptions and of course, they each went past their allocated time in the limelight.

The activity of some has been life changing and for some it was a foot on the brake and accelerator (our program is full on puns!) however what it did do was highlight the power of being held accountable. Each person knew that they had committed to change and whilst they have partners, bosses, colleagues, family and friends with whom they have associated responsibilities - it was our crew who they had held themselves accountable to (and themselves.)

Being accountable is tough. Simply doing what you say you're going to do isn't being truly accountable. During our program we identified with our values and how they drive our vision. The power of being accountable is about being you, being totally self-aware or who you are, why you're here, the journey you're on and how you behave on the journey!

In a matter of four hours, we reconnected, shared some very powerful stories and made more commitments to each other to keep the power of accountability alive.

Please connect with me if you're seeking to make some changes and looking for a group to hold you accountable. Our next pit-stop is Driving Your Life: Career & Business being held in Melbourne on 23rd & 24th of October 2014




Like most people in business, I encounter new people on a regular basis.  At the onset, they appear unique, in their appearance, their history and demeanour.  However, as the relationships strengthen I'm surprised that so many people 'sound' similar. For example, I recently mentally noted the frequency of these statements uttered by people :

I think I want to do something different with my life - but I'm not sure what!

Maybe when I grown up, I'll work out what I am meant to be doing with my life! 

If only I had some time, I would find the inspiration to change what I'm doing! 

What about you; when did you last hear these types of statements? Or, are you comforted knowing that there are other people feeling and voicing these same sentiments? If we're honest, many of us aren't satisfied with the status quo however 'doing something about it' is the challenge! It's too easy to enter the freeway of life - using the same exit and entry points rather than taking a detour or being radical and selecting a new route. 

Driving Your Life is a program which will appeal to people who make these statements and for those people you know who just need the time to focus on themselves, rather than everyone else! We create the dynamic atmosphere for a group of individuals who want to focus on their life's passion & purpose. 

One of the first activities we complete is identifying peak moments in our life. We can learn so much about ourselves from our past - however we don't do it ... enough. Go on, you can start yourself by reflecting on your peak moments in life!

Our first program kicks off in November in Melbourne and we're taking registrations now. 

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