Which Apps increase your productivity?

I'm not a techo head but I do get excited listening to people talk about their favorite app!

Whether it's for social, visual or business reasons, a new app can make a difference to your life!  Or, can it be devisive?

My morning ritual at 5am is to work through all my interactive apps, a few quick posts/responses and I'm finding that my five minutes is now 10 minutes! Yikes! I need that five minutes to do my warm-up!

This was a timely reminder declutter my Apps; unlike my fashion wardrobe (I'm ruthless), I'll find this a tough act to complete. However if I work on the elimination theory that I should be able to live with five apps based on productivity, stakeholder reach and efficiency - what would they be? 

Here are my Top Five that live in one folder: 

1. Evernote - the fact I can work between office and iPad I don't need to print or copy anything for meetings, workshops etc. I also share my workbooks or forms - allowing for last minute changes & costs.

2. Dropbox - for similar reasons - love to share files which are being worked on by project teams, clients and required while away from office.

3. LinkedIn - whilst I find it very clunky, it's still a great quick way to connect with people in my broader network.

4. Blog - my website host, Squarespace, allows me to 'blog on the go' - capturing photos and videos along the way - it's very cool! I generally have 2-3 bogs in draft and it allows me to quickly update.

5. Twitter - yes, very efficient! I search for information, contacts & experts. It's great for news, research and spreading your own knowledge & business news.