Peer Learning

There is learning and then there is learning!

I took the opportunity yesterday to attend a conference as a participant. The only preparation required was to find the conference centre and arrive on time! I had no expectations however I knew I was in expert hands and I was there to listen.

The format appeared simple and it was simply fantastic! Several people were approached to present at the conference on their application of a specific theory and instrument which I use - hence 'peer'.

Each presenter was from a unique business sector - ranging from Mining to Defense and from Emergency to Research .  One thing they all had in common, was people. Stories, images, photos, activities, data, Skype, figurines and reflection were among the tools used by these 'peers' to share their experiences to allow us to quickly become immersed in their space.

The conversation was rich, the questions challenged and the ideas were in abundance.

Whilst I am a 'veteran' at using the tool, it was so refreshing to be among peers and learning from their successes (and challenges) to boost my repertoire of the facilitation and use of the tool for clients in the future.

My day was such a great investment of my time - meeting amazing people who were so willing to encourage 'peer learning'. I hope you proactively create 'peer learning' opportunities - it is perfect for adults.

The theory, Relationship Awareness and tool suite, incorporating the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) can be explored further by visiting here. (Please return and talk with me about your interest.)



Lou's Leadership Views: Meaningful Coaching

One hundred pages is such an easy read especially if the subject is interesting and the information is applicable and practical.

So, I found myself reading ‘Meaningful Coaching’ in one night - I couldn't put it down!

Tina Mertel identifies a method of identifying the values of the Coachee and that of the Coach to find a common ground of understanding and respect.   

Coaching can be complex – the Coachee brings a truckload of experiences, they have their own language and body language and the Coach sees and hears information through their own filters and a bias based on their values.

I found it such a great reminder to enter a coaching session with a firm hold of my Values to enable me to hear the values of the Coachee and help them identify with their values and the choices they make.

The added value within this book is the layering of the International Coach Federation competencies and the Strength Deployment Inventory (Relationship Awareness Theory) and whilst not absolutely necessary to know, it does enrich the process and adds to more meaningful coaching.

If you're searching for a Coach, ensure that you enquire about their coaching process, ethics, tools used and how they build rapport. It is an intimate relationship and it’s a business transaction which you both have a vested interest in to succeed.