All eyes are on you

Our society is becoming increasingly under video surveillance; we have cameras on all city corners, YouTube is the most watched global channel which is made up of 'home made videos' and our life is being captured on on all forms of social media and devices 24/7. 

Our life is one long play button!

Our life is one long play button!

So, it's disappointing when you observe a leader in action and they are sending all the wrong messages ... even before they open their mouth!

We have devices in our hands (almost attached) which provide the functionality to record these behaviours - whether that be action or sound. However, we don't proactively catch ourselves, let alone ask others to assist in collecting data for a factual conversation.

I was providing feedback to a client recently about the benefit of their need to show some emotion when they're experiencing conflict. Bottling it inside doesn't aid their health and keeping a poker face doesn't allow others to understand their thoughts and feelings about the change.

We have never been so visible - we are 'on stage' in a leadership position. ALL EYES ARE ON YOU - whether that's from admiration, respect or waiting for you to slip up.

Rolling your eyes, taking calls in the middle of a meeting, being sarcastic, making derogatory comments about team mates/colleagues/clients/managers and making deflective comments (which my 8 year old would use - " they made me do it") are totally unacceptable.

If this has touched a nerve, do yourself and in particular, your people a favor - ask for feedback from someone who will be honest or use the video app on your device to capture your body language - there really are no excuses in today's tech savvy world.

You are accountable for your leadership performance and it's possible to make small changes which will make dramatic changes to your business and importantly the people you influence. 








Are you a role model? How would you know? 

I know that when I see and hear my kids do and say things which I know I ( thankfully & unfortunately) do and say, I must be their role model.

In the workplace it's not that different. I knew at one stage in my career, when presenting to a group of people that I was being my previous manager. I could hear myself saying what he said and literally imitating some gestured movements. (In a positive manner!) 

Who are you role modelling? 

A previous manager, your mother (how many times have you heard "you're just like your mother!") or your child (some people do throw Wobblies!)

Being a role model is being accountable for every single behaviour you choose to perform. The key word is 'choose'. We always choose our behaviour.

How could you be a better role model?

How about selecting a couple of people who you believe are positive role models and borrow some of their behaviours. Who do you admire, find yourself watching or listening to?  These are generally your role models.

It takes practise to borrow behaviours however it's worth it if you might influence another person by being their 'positive' role model.