Do you plan your goal achievement?

Do you plan your goal achievement?

Goal setting is one of my favourite activities – it’s up there with writing lists, saying “yes” to challenges and drinking champagne!

As I prep for a workshop, which is already prepared for me using the process of #TakeON!, the SMART goal writing tool is used. I’m not an avid user of SMART, I used to be, many moons ago, but it’s well worth revisiting or sharing with your team if you struggle with achieving results. I generally find it’s in the specifics of the goal.

My favourite approach is back-planning. I visualise the accomplished goal and then work backwards – identifying the significant milestones arrived at and achieved, then back plan each step which I completed (in my head) to arrive at the goal.

It may have a fancy or trendy term (can I trademark it?) however I’ve used this technique for decades and its 80-90% foolproof.

What tool, technique, method, model etc. do you use to set goals and plan to achieve them? Or, dont you?

I recently completed the Locus of Control (thanks to Carol Howard @blackbirdsthree) which uncovered that I have a strong Internal Locus of Control – I’m very achievement-orientated. So, note to self – be mindful that we’re not all fanatical about goals!

Check Mind Tools for the neat article on Locus of Control – Are you in charge of your destiny?