The most frequently discussed subject in my week has been around #Mentoring.

People are looking for Mentors, they would like to be a Mentor, they're curious about Mentoring & Coaching and the most common question is, “Where do I locate a Mentor?”

I salute everyone who is giving this some ‘air-time’, as Mentors are the unsung ‘Hero’s’ in my world. They are the unknown, the undervalued and uncool individuals in our lives.

I base this on my belief that Coaches achieve far more ‘airplay’ and charge money! And, can I let you in on a secret – a Mentor gives you the information you're looking for and a Coach doesn’t!!!

I am a Coach  & Mentor – so don’t think I’m ‘bagging’ Coaches – definitely not – I value my coaching clients way too much, however, let me clarify this Mentor business:

LANGUAGE – Mentor is the ‘wise one’ and the Mentee is the person seeking the advice

ROLES – Mentors listen and answer questions, provide advice, connect people, are great referees – are a general all-round helper and the Mentee is the inquisitive, idea tester, issue holder etc.

MEETINGS – a Mentor/Mentee relationship can last for years, there is no ‘end-date’ and these meetings can be held anywhere. This differentiates from coaching, when there is an ‘end date’ and is rather formal.

MULTIPLE MENTORS – I frequently recommend having several Mentor relationships. You may be seeking advice on several fronts: leadership, professional skill, company knowledge, female figure.

MATCH MATE – be curious and conscious of who you match with – ensure that you feel comfortable with your Mentor, opposed to being challenged – which is sometimes the case with a Coach.

That’s a quick ‘heads up’ on Mentoring. I received an invite to a Mentor conversation being held via Webinar this coming Monday – maybe you're interested. Check it out.