I Moach. Do you?

At times I find myself becoming impatient when I’m 'Coaching'; I just want to tell the ‘Coachee’ what to do! And when I 'Mentor', I can see that the Mentee is struggling to understand their own Drive, Values and Motivation.

So, I popped Mentoring, Coaching and a flavouring of Facilitation into the blender and voilà, I created Moaching! Some of you will say, “That’s not new” and I say “Hooray for you”. However, some of you need a little hand with mixing and appllying these practices.

Here’s a snapshot of the elements. Try it out. If not, shout and I’ll help you out!

When you Moach, use the TORCH Model:

TALK – lead the conversation to uncover drive & motivations

OPPORTUNITIES – explore what’s on your Map and in your Mind

RISKS – assess the probabilities & possibilities of your decision making

CHOICE – make a choice & be Accountable

HOW – discuss how do you make it happen?

I consider your role as a leader to hold the torch, shine it on the many paths and help decisions to be made out of the choices which takes them to their destination.