Put One Foot Forward


I read last year that the way to complete a half marathon is to put one foot forward. Yep, simple as that!

Whilst out this morning, I was struggling but determined to run at least 5km without stopping and this mantra kicked in - just put one foot forward. And that I did and I managed to complete 6km which is still a minuscule of what I should be running.

In our businesses and simply in our whole life, we can apply this mantra:

Put my question forward - how many times do you sit in a meeting and the most important question hasn't been asked. You have the question in your head and cheat the group by avoiding the consequence of the question.

Put myself forward - whether it's to offer help, volunteer your talent or to be the first follower (aka Dancing Guy video) to support someone achieve their endeavor.

Put my story forward - we know that stories are a powerful way to help people understand the information you're conveying. Ditch the big white screen or the handout and simply tell a story from the heart to get your message across to others.  

Put my idea forward - if you continue to get the same results due to repetitive behaviour its time to put your idea forward - it could make a difference.

Put One Foot Forward - if like me you are keen to live a long healthy life to see your kids and other important folk live a great life then you have to put one foot forward in the direction of exercise, moderation in choices and healthy food. I've not had a coffee for two weeks and I'm surviving!

 What will you put forward? Give it some thought and have meaning & purpose in your drive to keep putting it forward.

Leadership Lessons from my Half Marathon

At the conclusion of my first 'half' there was no going back! I thought I was going to collapse, I couldn't breath, talk or move! I was totally exhausted. 

Now that I've successfully completed my second 'half' I can reflect on what a great lesson these runs have had on my life. 

I have an unlikely profile which sees a interest to take on challenges and see them to conclusion. So when I set my sights on something, and there's others involved, there's no looking back.  (A word of warning if you work with me!) 

There is no such thing as 'an overnight success' - when running was first suggested - little did I realise it would take two years of hard work to get across the 21.1km Finish Line - early morning training, alcohol free weeks, black sore toes and lots of green smoothies!

From a leadership perspective there have been several lessons: 

-whilst we started with time goals, when someone is falling back, you stay with them and coach them along - finishing together is far more important than PBs (there is always another run)

-cheering star performers (the Marathon runners) helps them perform and is highly likely to tag your own internal motivation - and when one person cheers you on it is magic

-being part of the bigger movement is exciting, thrilling and contagious - you work (and run) as one

 -wellness is paramount - stretching, hydrating and snacking keeps the body functional and keeps you in a position to keep leading  

-the impact on others is quite amazing - there are many many folk watching you - every move is visible, your behaviour is critical - people openly shared how my run has inspired them to move! 

So, will I do another 'Half'? Maybe - but I'm more excited about running with a team in the City2Sea. Want to join us?




The medal collection grows ....