QUICK LEARNING - Does it work for you?

I listened with great interest to a 'HR' person eloquently describe the feedback collated from a national survey about the challenges their Leaders faced Leading. One outcome action which caught my attention was the need for Quick Learning interventions to lessen the interruption to the Leader's daily work. 

So, does Quick Learning work for you (me)? 

I'm talking about a three hour session, held in the same building which you work in - yes, face2face to enable absolute engagement, collaboration and emotional bonding! 

What works well is a prepared and facilitated conversation - it's not a fireside chat, there are no PowerPoints - it's about people power! 

My view is that it's paramount that we get our heads around this approach, especially if it's not already on your agenda. There are a few 'rules' which enable it to be effective: 

  • keep it simple - less is more
  • include a few models, frameworks or structures - no more than three
  • keep it as a conversation - adults bring most of the information in their heads
  • practise - practise the practice which your learning focuses on
  • observe and ask questions - watch and listen to the practise and ask for observation feedback
  • seek commitments - ask people to share with the group what they will focus on in their future leadership 

I could go on but I hope you get the gist of Quick Learning. If you don't - connect with me now.