What’s more important: Planning or Reviewing?

I’m curious with this conundrum!

We make the event of planning very important – we go away for a couple of days, spend the budget on food, wine and an external facilitator (thank heavens!) and for some it’s exciting and others it’s an absolute drag.

The plan is created, presented in a gorgeous bound document or better still stored in the cloud for ease of access and I do like the idea of having an app for the plan with a hint of gamification!

Tick! It’s done. We’ve completed the BIG Planning event.

Days, weeks and even months pass and the excitement of the Review doesn’t achieve any airplay. Some complete the review in the lead up to the next Planning instalment whilst only a few place ‘REVIEW’ in their diary on a consistent basis.

Is planning or reviewing more important?

I’m flabbergasted by the number of people who admit to me that they don’t have any goals.  I'VE s there a new term or activity which I’m unaware of?

If you plan and don’t review, how do you know what’s worked, what needs to be repeated, changed etc.?

Is it possible to review your activity and not plan? Do you review what you’re asked to do or set out to do and review regularly and keep tweaking or changing but never plan?

Or, are planning and reviewing equally as important and people just forget to plan the review?

What do you think?