What do you do in times of tragedy?

What do you do in times of tragedy?

We've had a few blows of late. Overnight two Australians were executed in Indonesia. On the weekend Nepal's earthquake shook and at this stage we're aware of 5000 deaths and many injured and missing. And only recently, our neighbour, Vanuatu, was flattened, with lives lost and homes and businesses demolished.

When I reflect on the tragedy of 9/11, my team at the time were dispersed across many sites, however the group in my office were all in shock. And so was I. Two team members' siblings who worked in the World Trade Centre were unaccounted for and weren't contactable.

To this day, I believe I did the right thing. We left the office, found a cafe with a TV nearby and sat there all  morning. We talked, talked and talked. We weren't capable of doing much more. Whilst I was concerned about what others thought (back in the office) I just knew that work wasn't going to be achieved.

We're social human beings. We're meant to be with others; especially when we're sad, confused and angry. It's important to take care of people - even if it's just being in their presence.

What do you do in times of tragedy? 

1. I suggest you take a moment to listen to what your peers, colleagues, team members and clients are saying or not saying.

2. Take them out of the office or away from them workspace and spend time together talking.

3. All you need do is listen to what they are saying, ask questions and just be there for them.