What's Great About December?

What’s great about December?

Some stress, some drink, some shop and some of us love December.

In my business, there is less demand for facilitation work in December and knowing this every year, I think I have finally worked out how to best use the month.

There are four important opportunities in December:

Relationship Management – it’s a super time to catch up with people in your network, thank them for their involvement, share a coffee or a meal and talk about how to make a difference together in 2015.

Review Activities – working through my notebooks, calendar and my favorite App ‘Evernote’ to determine which activities consume my time, where I add most value and what I need to improve at in 2015.

Reflect on Ideas – there have been many ideas considered during 2014, some have gained legs, some running but most are still ‘one the drawing board’. It’s time to reflect on which ones need decisions and action for kick off in 2015.

Rest – it might sound crazy but planning a couple of days to rest and do what you do to chill out is a great reward for the effort you’ve put into the year. Go on, smell the roses and clear the head because 2015 will probably be a faster year.

We’re already at Day Three of December – so if you haven’t given it some consideration, now’s the time!