Be Bold & Strong

This week, I want women to be BOLD & STRONG.

I'm confident we can do it and I'm eager to help you out.  It's wonderful when you do do it. You'll thank me! 

The idea came to me as I was out running yesterday (in the freezing cold) and when I faced my first incline I heard myself say "Be BOLD & STRONG. Every time I started to tire I repeated my mantra. 

Let this be Be BOLD & STRONG Week.

Five days with five ways to focus on making bold moves and having the strength to remain composed.

1. Do what others don't - get out of your comfort zone.

2. Take opportunities when they present themselves - in particular those that are disguised.

3. Stretch your mind for positive affirmations - you can borrow mine "I am bold & strong." Repeat!

4. Take a different approach to your normal routine tasks. 

5. Adopt a change which others are reluctant to take a chance trying.

today, let's concentrate on:

Do what others don't - get out of your comfort zone.

many people go about their life following others and some stick to a nice routine. If you feel comfortable - it's time to stretch and: 

Ask that question which you've been rehearsing in your head.

speak to a person 'face to face' rather than texting or calling them. 

Give Feedback to someone who will benefit from receiving direct information about their actions and behaviours

Make that phone call you've been fearful of making

Say "NO!' 

Say "Yes" when you would normally procrastinate. 

Share the weeks Mantra and let's start of movement of BOLD & STRONG women. 

I'm workshopping Leading with Confidence & Presence next month in Melbourne with Liquid Learning.