Rediscover the skill of DISSENT

Are you punishing the dissenter in the room? Professor Charlan Nemeth challenges us to think about how we make decisions and how we encourage decision making in the workplace. No! is a book which will polarise the workplace community as we operating in a world which wants to get along and makes decisions by consensus methods.

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Your essential leadership manual for 2018 - Leadership Results guides you to take your organisation to one known for showing leadership and comprising of high performing teams.

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Janine Garner bust the myths of networking and emphasises the need for networks to help you in your life. The core four: butt-kickers, promoters, pit-crew and teachers, are essential in your life to help you achieve a good life. A great book to read to make the most of creating better networks.

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A self-help book to get you thinking about what's important in your life. Mark Manson drills down to your values to identify the metrics you use to determine what you do with your life. It's a must read in 2017.

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How can a company put its people before profit? 

This question is answered throughout Everybody Matters- a story of how a company with it's origins in the 1800s is successfully a combination of 80 acquisitions using a checklist of leadership behaviours to lead and now educate in their own university.

A must read for anyone who questions the importance of people and leadership in their business.

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Speakership is Matt Church's book which is a practical 'how to' - it builds your competence and confidence to speak publicly - the strength which most people say they wish they had or would rather die than have! If you're a leader, then you need to read this book.

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