How do you foster your workplace culture & climate?

As we approach the Australia Day 'Long Weekend', people are gearing up to celebrate. There are flags on cars, the supermarkets are full of Aussie paraphernalia and merchandise and the talk is all about what you're doing on the weekend.

It's this weekend which the behaviours of Australians are truly typified. We can easily describe to others the pride, comradre and the heartfelt caring of each other to those who've never experienced an Aussie Day Holiday.

So, do we encourage this 'culture' amongst our colleagues in the workplace? Do we see people:

  • wearing the company's logo on their chest and singing company songs?

  • eating breakfast & socialising together, and

  • giving empathy hugs and helping each complete their work tasks?

Whilst this is 'tongue ‘n cheek' it highlights the thinking around the possibilities of the culture & climate in workplaces if we foster an environment and lead people to discover how their work can fulfil their 'Drive'. 

Given that we're a compost of nations and generations, our role as leaders is complex - so relax over these three days and enjoy the celebration of our history!