Have you written your 2017 Goals?


Have you written your 2017 goals? It's the 1st of February and if you haven't, I have a book for you which may ease the pain of goal setting.

This isn’t exactly a book … it’s a workbook. Better still I believe … as too many books are read and no action is taken. My Shining Year by the colourful and creative Leonie Dawson provides a platform to Stop, Think, Feel, Write, Do and Discover.

I received my copy of the 2017 My Shining Year from the gorgeous @cynthiamahoney for Christmas and given I was heading on the plane the following day on receiving it, I only found time on Monday (30/1) to read through the workbook and complete most of the activities. There are 160 pages and you could spend an eternity working through it – however, I found myself being able work through it, answering questions, writing ideas ... all very quickly.

It will appear rather quirky even female-focused to some, however, I think this is a super tool to use yourself or in particular, to give to others who would benefit from some support and guidance if they need a boost in their businesses or considering venturing into doing happier things in life.

The workbook does what I believe is very important and that is REVIEW. Reviewing the previous year is the first section - allowing you to leverage off the information recorded in the workbook as you answer the questions. A closing ceremony is a fun way to view this activity. Be reminded of what you did which worked well and the things which didn’t work in your ‘2016’.

Once you’ve closed the door with your 2016 lessons, you can immerse yourself in the guided tour of achieving and creating new goals for 2017. Starting with income (how much do you want to earn!) followed by the resources, support, systems, habits, education, customers and marketing which are evaluated and identified to make things happen.

Plenty of reading is recommended to learn how to make these things happen, (I’ve taken note of a few reads especially in the systems area) and the love or loath activity of ‘dreamboarding’ is highly recommended. Make your dream be achieved by the Law of Attraction. I’m yet to complete my 'dreamboard' – but I have promised myself to spend a weekend afternoon playing with cardboard, glue and magazines.

A component of the workbook provides space to ‘make your goals happen’. With the metaphor of the magical mountain, you need to climb, step by step. This was a fun exercise, involving brainstorming 2017 goals (with myself) and prioritising what’s required to be acted on first – even with dates to commit myself. There's an emphasis on having a ‘mastermind’ or ‘circle of friends’ who can hold you accountable to your plans. (Such an important piece of advice for those on their own.)

I also have a ‘My Shining Day’ planner – which you can use every day to prioritise the activities, remind me to drink water and four important reminders including my favourite – MONOFOCUS. Do one thing at a time!

I’m still completing an activity: 100 things to do in 2017. It’s challenging. I have to dream up 100 glorious goals for me to do in my business this year. Help, I’m only at #11. I need to seriously monofocus on this activity.

So, it’s the 1st of February and already one month of my potential shining year has disappeared (on a gorgeous overseas holiday) so I need to do what I’ve written in this workbook and potentially, we might work together (if you’re reading this now!)

If you’re interested in looking at this workbook – jump over to www.leoniedawson.com – she’s offering 50% off her ‘my shining’ products. I also noted that she supports not-for-profits and gives away these products. This gives you an idea of the type of person behind this workbook – I like it even more that I’ve discovered this generosity.

As usual, if there is a book you’d like me to read for us, let me know. Or, I’d love to hear from you and your thoughts about my previous  24 books which I’ve read and blogged about to help you decide what to read or learn from my learnings. (These are all on my website - under the section of Leadership Thoughts.)

I'm currently reading a great book to help you with your teenagers and I've just downloaded a book which has been on the list for a while: Conversational Intelligence. I'll be reading it this Sunday & Monday as we're driving to/from Canberra. 

I’m endeavouring to read 52 Business/Professional/Personal Development books in 52 weeks. Yep, that’s one a week. As I read each book, I’ll share my thoughts, learning and recommendations. If there is a book that you’ve been meaning to read, let me know and I’ll read it for us!