Are You Happy?

This morning I was stopped in my tracks ( I'm currently walking at a pace of nine minutes per km - so that's awkward.) There in a window was a large modern attractive wooden sign ... 

Happiness is not a destination it's a way of life. 


I was really struck at how it triggered me to think and immediately questions myself ... 'Am  I happy?'

And then I starting wondering, how many people stop and ask themselves this same question.

In your life, how many people do you know who you would classify as 'happy'? Consider your work colleagues, your team, your manager, your friends, your partner and your neighbours?

I know of people who say that they are busy, frantic, hot, cold, out of control yet I can't recall when I last heard someone stop and say that they were happy. Maybe I haven't been listening or they've used other emotional language.

There are those who plan to be happy. Generally they launch their comments with the word 'when' - 'when I find my dream job', when the kids leave home, when I retire, when I finish studying etc. Are we not content or do we not realise when we're in a state of happiness?

So, here's an EXPERIENCE for Friday evening or your weekend thinking  point:

What have been the most recent happy moments you can recall? List 10 in your Happy Moments Register.

Kids deliriously happy in the beach.

Kids deliriously happy in the beach.

For example, last night my kids played in the beach for an hour; they were screaming, splashing and I just sat there, taking photos capturing how deliriously happy they were and feeling no need to check on devices or look at my watch. And today I received a signed proposal for a piece of work - I was grinning all the way to the car.

When work-shopping with clients I generally ask, What makes you happy? I don't need to hear their responses, I watch their faces as they  immediately  connect with what is important in their life. We want people, no matter where they are or what they are doing to feel this way.

When you know what makes you happy, the next exercise is to test yourself with considering what makes your team members happy. Good Luck!