Get Proactive With Your Time Consuming Tasks

To enable ourselves to approach planning with a clear view of our goal, we need to declutter our space, or better still, I suggest declutter our life.


When I ask people, "what prevents them from achieving your performance goals?", a frequent response is: the time consuming tasks, like: email traffic, last minute meetings and regular redundant reports.

This is an excuse and it needs to be addressed. It's behavioural so it can be changed!

My tips for approaching these 'tasks' is to say to yourself "stop being reactive and start being proactive". In other words, be accountable for what you do.

I should't need to tell you this ... however, we are all guilty of 'unconscious behaviours' taking control of our life, so, it does help when the obvious is made obvious to us. 

To be PROACTIVE with these time consuming tasks:

1. Think before you respond - consider, what you really want to say, say it assertively and ensure your message approaches the situation to make a change. I admire people who call me and others in response to emails or better still, they move and speak 'face to face' to the sender of the communication! 

2. Check the purpose of the task - ask yourself, "is my input required, is there a decision requested and what is the consequence if I don't action the task?" This will require conversations with others; in the long run if might free up your time.

3. Offer an alternative or solution to stop the task reoccurring - whilst it might take time, consider your quest to to remove the task from your role. Yep, it's about change which others will react to. No pain ... no gain!

We want you to be prepared for an awesome 2016 which means decluttering your life to enable you to easily squeeze new behaviours, activities and tasks which add more meaning and purpose to your life. (You have 16 weeks to make these changes.)