Leadership Performance Improvement Strategy

Golfing at the Sandhurst Golf Club in the outskirts of Melbourne. Can you spot what I'm doing incorrectly?

 I play golf. I'm not great; I'm not in the league of the great Jason Day! (Great #golf)

So, when I have the opportunity, I ask my Golf Coach (aka husband) to play a round of golf with me to enable him to observe my every move! I'm fueled by feedback - anything to improve my enjoyment of the game.

How many times have you played and wondered why you keep making the same errors?  Oh, it's so frustrating! When you play golf, in particular when you tee off, there are twenty plus considerations to ensure you're ready to hit the ball. So, by the 9th tee, I was finally getting my swing right although you'll see something wrong in my photo.  Can you spot it?

Likewise, when you lead, communicate and  be visible to your colleagues, team and clients, you need to be conscious of the consistency in the messages you are conveying - whether they are verbal or non-verbal. Any inconsistencies will be spotted and keep the grapevine and social media airwaves busy.

In my golf, a slight adjustment to the placement of my arms made a huge difference to the direction of my ball ... it went straight! The 'golf coach' reminded me three times until I was consciously aware of the required change.

We all need a leadership performance improvement strategy if we are to increase our effectiveness in our game - that game being any aspect of your business and the roles you place in life.

I specialize in leadership performance and recently I challenge my client to change her approach  to her 'Monday Morning Message'  - rather than email we've moved to the 21st Century and created videos - short, sharp, simple and stating her intent for her week. Bam! What a difference it made - people were actually watching the message and commenting.

Today is the day to consider what your Leadership Performance Improvement Strategy consists of - is it your meetings, your one-on-ones, your 'small talk' or how you provide feedback?

Drop me a line and let me know what you're focusing on. I'll hold you accountable!