A cluttered life!

So much can be said about someone's life when you view their wardrobe! Is it colour coordinated, are shoes in boxes or are there 10 shirts on one hanger hiding under two jackets?

Whilst I don't have my clothes colour coordinated, I do have seasonal and purpose sections and box up shoes which aren't required. Yes, I'm rather organised!

Anxiety, stress and denial are all symptoms of a cluttered life. I recently read this statement and it resonated with me.  The clutter might not be their desk or wardrobe however it could be in their mind.

Being a visual person - I work at my best when I can easily see the plan - rather than having to prod and poke to locate the objective, running out of valuable time to produce a quality product. A messy desk clouds our focus just as a cluttered wardrobe makes a quick dressing decision impossible!

Three declutter tasks:

1. Note down the three most important activities which meet your intrinsic and extrinsic aspects of your life.

2. List the behaviours which: a/ give you energy b/drain your energy 

3. Consider who you enjoy working with more than others and identify what happens in that specific enjoyable working relationship.

With this data, consider the stuff you're doing and people you spend time with which didn't make it onto this list. With that thought, create a plan how over the next 90 days, you can reduce their involvement in your life.

This might be rash, however it's ultimately a plan that will make your 2016 more effective.

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