Squeeze the life out of your life!

How busy are you today?

When did you wake? When will you sleep?

How many tasks, meetings, events and things have you attended to, already?

We live in a world which presents us with every conceivable tool to enable our involvement and opportunity to be engaged - so much so we've been consumed into a vortex which has disabled our ability to say "NO!"

We've queued for quantity and disbanded quality. OK, maybe there are some quality factors in your life however in our pursuit to get the one thing at a quality standard, we risk missing the 29 other items to attend to.

We literally squeeze the life out of our life.

We are so exhausted we forget to simply enjoy, breath, soak up the sensation and marvel at the creation.

Life is about choice. We choose what we do in life. We are accountable, that is, personally responsible for what we do. 

To avoid the squeeze, choose three less things to squeeze into your day. With that added time, be in the moment of what you do rather than wondering, what's next to squeeze into the day. It's not that easy; it takes planning and the skill of decluttering! More on that tomorrow.