Build Relatioships - say "Bonjour!"

Saying "Bonjour" helps build relationships, makes you smile & is polite.

Bonjour ...

I've just finished reading French Children Don't Throw Food by Pamela Druckerman - it's a novel, come parent's handbook, come life-lessons journal.

I had a love-hate relationship with the book: loved the little lessons and loathed the fact that I'm profiled as an Anglophone parent (hovering mother) - which isn't great to the French!

However, some of the life lessons are great reminders of how we can be more effective human beings: 

  • Saying Bonjour (Hello!) with everyone you encounter helps you smile, build relationships and is genuinely polite.
  • Exert authority in your voice, yet don't be an authoritarian. Useful for the Australian twang.
  • Practise being Sage (Sah-je) - Be wise and stay calm: don't stress, be in control of life's dillemmas!
  • Focus on having Equilibre (Eh-key-lee-bre) - Balance: Don't let one part of life overwhelm other parts.
  • Set a Cadre (kah-druh) -  firm limits for *children* but giving them tremendous freedom within those limits (*adults*!)

Being more conscious of these five lessons can only help us be more aware of our effectiveness and presence in society.

Au revoir!