Value your Network

In one day I've encountered five events which highlighted the value of my amazing network.

A compounding theme of people being authentic, caring and interested ... in me. 

From an initial text offering to take my kids to school, someone offering to drop me off at the station so we could chat, a lunch with great girlfriends who I worked with at the NAB, a security guard who remembered me and let me into a building (!!!) and a call from a client to thank me for a piece of work I did for him (at a moment's notice.)

All small acts of kindness which have highlighted the impact and importance of my network; compelling me to reflect and tap on these keys! 

I believe we forget how important our network is in our complex lives.  Our networks are the various patterned fabric which piece together our crazy personalities; they are our history and help create our future.


To thank my neighbour, I grabbed a small homemade cake, packaged it up for her afternoon tea break - a gesture which she wasn't expecting but I knew she would enjoy at work later in the day.

Although we are busy, we can stop and take a moment to purposely consider, if and how we have demonstrated gratitude to the people in our network: family, close friends, colleagues, clients etc.

It maybe too simple, but a "how's things going with ...." contact quickly reconnects you to your network. So, right now, reach out and connect with someone in your network. Let them know that you're thinking of them and what they're doing and tell them or demonstrate that you value their place in your life.