If you make a presentation this week you must ...

No doubt if you're leading others you'll be making some sort of presentation this week; whether it be with your team members, your colleagues, the board or your customers.

So, if I guess right, I recommend you do three things.

This is the final part of a series of blogs which focus on developing your presentation skills.

1. Asking questions prior to, during and post your presentation is essential to determine or at least understand if what you set to do has been achieved and that you meet the end users needs.  

2. Ask someone prior to the presentation to provide feedback with you post your presentation.  Asking a colleague or team member engenders trust and respect.

3. Follow up your 'audience' and thank them for attending/participating. Given some presentation go on and on (way too long for anyone's concentration) you showing common courtesy by respecting their time.

Make sure your presentations are successful this week. You'll know how successful if you ask for feedback!

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