PRESENTING - The role of every leader -PART TWO

This is the second in a series of Blogs about the need for our Leaders to be capable of confidently presenting to audiences - of all sizes.

In addition to the basics of observing experienced presenters, exercising your voice and knowing your intent and, I've  identified three techniques to assist your presentation skills development.

Use Questions to understand, adapt & engage - a good presentation, whether it be with one person, a team meeting or a town hall session, involves the use of questions - it's critical to get 'into' your audience's head, heart & gut. During your presentation, artfully pose questions to consider or specifically ask individuals for information.

Audiences are predictable - know who's in the room and consider how they will behave and what detail they require. Additionally, I categorize audiences into three groups: People concerned - they want to know how what you are saying will affect/benefit others, Performance concerned - they want high level information, love a new challenge and want to know how it will grow their reputation. And you have those concerned about process - how things work, the detail and how what you're talking about 'fits in' with what is current.

Visuals are useful for many audience members. Whilst we all cringe when we see the projector in use aka death by power-point, people do appreciate well configured visuals which highlight the point you are making. This all relates to peoples' learning channels. More on that in another blog.

When you're attending a 'presentation' today, audit their use of questions & visuals and their ability to gauge your concern and interest in what you are saying.