What is your gut telling you?

I believe that women have an extra sense.

We've all heard that we should lead with the 'head, heart & hand' - well, I shouldn't assume you know this or do this, however I know I perform in a balanced manner if all three senses are in sync. When I observe others, I can generally pick up which senses aren't being utilised.

For women, we can leverage off our fourth sense - our gut.

We've heard, "go with your gut" many times. This is generally when we're making a decision, making a call on a matter and when balancing out the data, an extra piece of measurement is required ... our gut!

Do you use your gut? Have you been caught in a situation which limits your ability to validate or discuss with anyone the options? This is when we use our gut. 

I explain the gut as a vibe I sense. If it's free flowing - it's positive, however if it's blocked, then there is a problem. A 'yes' for flow and a 'no' for a block.

If you dig deeper and explore this subject further, you'll find that your gut relates to the amount of courage and common sense you use in your leadership. 

Courage & Common Sense 

I had to repeat these words, just like a boring politician - just in case you skimmed over the previous sentence!

If you expect your people to exhibit courage and common sense then connecting with your gut is essential. 'Coaching' your people to connect with their senses involves asking these four questions: 

  • what is your head saying?
  • how do you feel about it?
  • what is your physical behaviour doing in response to this matter?
  • what vibes are you sensing?

By asking these questions, you are encouraging your people to connect with all four senses.

What is your gut telling you right now? Can you feel the vibes? Keep trying as it takes practise if you've not focused on your gut before.

My final point is ... Men also have this gut sense. They're better at using it - they do it unconsciously. The outcome might not be fabulous - so I suggest we consciously focus on our gut.