Are you prepared to shift?

Are you prepared to shift? 

A small shift in our behaviour will increase our performance significantly.

My husband and I are getting our 'affairs' in order. We've had it on our list for ages and finally we've taken action to get smart with our money. It's been a shock and I'm sure unconsciously I've resisted, knowing of the shock and changes we'd need to make to be more accountable for our money actions!

We've done the financial planner visit, completed the budget, the mortgage broker is working for us and we're about to hit our bank, insurance providers and utilities. Just writing down the notes, actions and thoughts clears the haze which has hung around for some time - not really being in control of what I should be in control of - 100%

I liken this to the control of our leadership behaviors. We generally go about our trade, doing what we know best and generally avoid the opportunity to deep dive into the 'too hard' or 'too time consuming' activity or reviewing or in particular shifting our behaviour for a better outcome.

Knowing that I will save 2% interest by changing banks is the impetus to make a decision to employ someone to make my mortgage shift. Making a correction or increasing the volume of my leadership behaviours by 2% will definitely see significant outputs and outcomes however it's the ability to visualise the potential performance of my personal shift which can be the show-stopper.

The question is - are you prepared to shift? There might not be enough hard data to prove the outcomes let alone having proof that you'll maintain the shift. The toughest action is to consider the decision.

Saying "yes" is a great start.