Do we need more awards?

We're enjoying a day off today. It's officially the Queens Birthday Long Weekend.  Some go awaY to the snow, others catch up with friends & family and the Thomsons' are doing loads of jobs around the house. 

I've checked the honor's list and I don't see any names of people whom I associate with let alone know. Most of them are leaders of research, their organisations and some sports folk. I wasn't expecting to see my name but I did wonder why some of these people need to be recognised by the Queen. 

You see, we already have Australia Day awards: do we really need more awards?

In my past I have worked with others to write many award submissions and there is nothing more exciting than seeing the recipient win and those associated with the award celebrate the achievement. 

So, I'm confronted with the importance of recognising people and the whole distant regal involvement. 

Can we not bunch it all up for Australia Day and truely celebrate great Australians and if we need a public holiday then consider one which is more appropriate: Australian and meaningful.  I don't have a suggestion or solution but I am annoyed that we continue with this tradition.