Meeting Venues - what's your favourite?

My meeting venue today, was on a golf course! Yep - a good 90 minutes (9 holes) walking, talking, thinking, fresh air and void of interruptions. How can you beat that for a venue?

What's your favourite venue for a meeting? 

I'm keen to try out the bar height type tables which you stand around in open plan meeting areas - as we've seen in all the great Scandinavian TV series. I've noticed them in a few of the big businesses in town. Do they work?

I'm a fan of a table which I can rest my device and notebook to take notes. NOT a boardroom table, but one which can be easily moved and reconfigured. Why do we still use boardroom tables anyway - you can't move them, they waste so much space and they generally have big bulky chairs! 

I used to enjoy meeting in cafes however there are so many businesses which have cool workplaces that I'm always keen to visit - and given I don't drink tea or coffee (at the mo) it's great to get down to business and get a feel for the climate and culture of the business. 

The best fun venue is one which is away from the workplace and allows people to think, relax, be creative and be involved. Selecting a meeting venue is paramount - it should bring the best out in the people rather than inhibit the purpose for being together.