Being Bold & Strong - Affirmations & Change


Being Bold & Strong isn't easy. I've just listened to Donna Bauer speak about her Bowel Cancer life episode and all I could think of was how bold and strong she is to fly the Bowel Cancer Flag and share her very emotional story.

Talking about anything smelly and from your bottom isn't sexy however, we're all human, we all appreciate the fact that we have a bowel and the thought of wearing a colostomy bag doesn't sit comfortably with me, let alone death.

I have something less emotional and far easier to stomach. My two actions to consider during Be Bold & Strong week are:

1. Stretch your mind using positive affirmations e.g. I am bold & strong.

2. Take a different approach to your normal routine tasks.

Whilst these are two quite different tasks, they can be morphed into one.  Adopting affirmations into your daily internal communication will promote a more positive outlook on life. If you are a 'glass half empty' person (pessimist) then this quick technique can help you be optimistic. Rather than say "I can't do that.", change it to, "I am doing it well." or "I can do it."

If you avoid, deviate and ignore opportunities to change, then you can take baby steps by selecting a simple daily task to change.  Write/Type down every task which consume your day I'm sure you'll  find one which you want to change. My current task is allocating household chores to the kids - I have to be very strong to keep to my word - "no computers until the dishwasher is emptied!" 

Wish me luck!