Today's mantra is Be BOLD & STRONG. Actually, I've declared it 'Be BOLD & STRONG' week! 

I believe we all need a good strong dose of positiveness, confidence and boldness as I'm hearing and observing too  many women weakening and NOT being their best self.

 Being bold requires you to feel slightly uncomfortable - anxiety is a good indication that you're seriously thinking about being bold.

Being strong won't kill you, but if it hurts, if you're perspiring (note: women don't sweat) then you're exerting your strength. 

During the day,  look for opportunities - especially those which are disguised as unpleasant, hard work or with the 'wrong' folk.

These three opportunities need to be on your radar to strengthen your boldness: 

1. When asked for ideas, think of ten crazy ideas and offer them - they'll be something of value hidden in your pot of ideas. 

2. Offer your help, guidance and support even when you're busy. It's about others - not you. 

3. When you witness unacceptable behaviour - act upon it. Your lack of action condones the behaviour. 

Watch this video and you'll understand my intent.