Follow The Leader

Follow The Leader

When I was a kid, I loved playing 'follow the leader'. We'd walk, skip or even run in a line and copy what the leader of the line was doing. It was so much fun. I found that my shy self always ran out of ideas of what to do and preferred following the others in the 'leader' role - it was much more fun and sometimes challenging to do what you were told.

I liken this to most people I meet. They prefer to follow others. They're not keen or interested to take the front of the line role and set the challenging tasks to be completed. However, they do like to be engaged and made to feel that they add value to what's been done.

I'm heading out in a moment to work with a client who plays  'Toe the Line' and they're concerned that their group of followers aren't committed to playing by the rules! They are continually told what to do and they're not following.

There are several reasons why they might not enjoy the 'toe the line' game.  So the client has called for guidance and we're 'work-shopping' the game with the followers. I'm going to introduce them to the game 'follow the leader' and see if they enjoy what it offers.

We can't push people to follow, however we can lead them and engage them to enjoy the game. Likewise we can't always be the leader in the game; it's worthwhile to play in the game to understand what's going on. 

Le't play!