Are You A Lazy Manager?

Working with many young and aspiring people in the various workshops I lead, I get to hear their view of the world - stories of the leadership and management which is occurring day in, day out. I hear a few magnificent examples of what we want to emulate in leadership however I listen to too many descriptions which would shock your pants off, descriptions of their managers' actions & in-actions.  

You would think in 2015 we would have read enough, heard enough and learnt enough about what good leadership is about - but, and it's a BIG BUT, people still don't do it - let alone do it right.

Warning: Please don't read on if you are feeling slightly anxious, you are probably OK, this is to be read by those who think they are doing swell as a leader! I want you to read this with your team/staff and allow them to provide you with feedback.

Since January, I've kept a list of the common unacceptable behaviours and actions which your people are persevering with - how guilty are you? 


1. Communicating with others using one style, your preferred style neglecting that of the team's bilingual, multi-style requirements.

2. Act as a 'parent', raising your voice, talking down to others and reprimanding in front of their peers. 

3. Don't use manners (common courtesy - saying 'thank you'), gratitude (positive praise) or proactively developing relationships with your team.

4. Hosting lengthy, meaningless meetings which don't engage and involve the attendees and generally bore the pants off everyone. 

5. Performance conversations with team members are annual, feedback from the team is only asked via anonymous 360 degree surveys and you only provide feedback about performance when things go wrong. 

The list grows as I continue to ask 'your' team about your leadership. I hope one day soon these stories cease however we all know that habits are tough to break or change. So, you're going to have to make a concerted effort to be a more effective and respected manager and leader. You probably need help!