Which do you prefer to read? Blog or Newsletter?

I'm in a bind!

The rope is tight and I can't edge either way! Is that a line out of Fifty Shades of Grey? Whoops, that's naughty of me; it was a fun book to read - couldn't put it down!

OK, so I am in a bind. 

I really should write my newsletter and tell you (and a few others) what I'm currently working on. It takes a while to write and I have to make sure that it's perfect. On the other hand, I know that what I could do is write a very quick blog which I can quickly edit post launch. 

So the question is - Which do you prefer to read? Do you read peoples' blogs or do you open their emails and read? Or, neither of these two?

Given my love of reading, what I have learnt is that I need to be hooked immediately. I don't need pictures or photos, these are created by the text before my eyes. However, give me a tweet with a photo and a newsletter with a drawing and I gravitate immediately. See, I'm in a bind!

And what doesn't help is when you receive lovely feedback about your newsletters and blogs!


So, here I am with a Blog with my key message being what? 

- Hook their interest in the first line

- Newsletters help tell people what you are doing/offer

- Words create an image in peoples mind

- Add a photo, image or drawing

- Read Fifty Shades of Grey

- Ask the reader what they like to read

- Give feedback to writers, it's encouraging

There you have it - my Blog for the day with a few lessons!