It's great to be back!

I didn't go anywhere but to have the solitude of my home office (and home) without the presence of the family is bloody marvelous!

I have conquered two pieces of work and loving the knowledge that no-one is going to walk in and interrupt my train of thought.

I am doing what I love doing!

Are you? Are you loving what you're doing right now? 

I hope so!

(If not, then read on! Yep, plugging our fabulous program as we have a few seats to fill in March in Melbourne.)

If not, then heed my advise, take a detour for two days in March and join me and Cynthia Mahoney with a group of other folk to discuss 'what you love doing'. Oh, it's great if you don't know the answer as we get a hit of adrenalin when we guide you to find teh answer.

Why waste this life not doing what you love doing. I'm not sure if you get to return and have another shot.

Tap here for more details about Driving Your Life.

Tap here if you want to have a conversation.

Back to what I love doing! Ciao!