GOAL - a word which gets results

Goal - a word which gets results

I'll be participating in my 3rd @City2Sea run this Sunday. I don't do it for the fun or pleasure, mind you, it's great when you start and finish. I do it because it helps me achieve my personal fitness & health goal.

I have many goals, some are written, some are in my head and some are shared with my hubby and other important people in my life.

When I run, I reflect on my goals. It's my vision of being a fit mum able to play with the kids as they grow up and I grow old which keeps the legs moving!

If you don't have a goal or goals, your wishes don't get granted and those planned results aren't likely to eventuate. If you don't achieve results, you're less likely to feel that you've completed the activities which enable you to lead a happy life.

I worked with a new client today and she knew that she needed to set some goals and prepare a visual plan. She knew it but hadn't done it. Like many folk, it helps to have someone guide you, check up on you and lift you up to a new state of thinking.

I look forward to guiding you to do the same when you participate on our program. We have two Ultimate Planning workshops starting soon - join us if you're looking for different results in the various aspects of your life in 2016.

Go on, just do it!