It's Time To Move On

When did you last tell someone ... "it's time to move on"?

I wonder when you last moved on. Whether in your thinking about a matter or your physical presence.

Are you able to 'give in' even when it's a matter you are passionate about and regularly banter on about. 

I was listening to a complaint earlier and clearly the person had a point of concern but there was clearly a choice - to just move on, move out of the environment which was causing them concern.

Too many people that I come across are in the wrong role, job, home, community and in particular, relationship and they continue to stick around making life miserable and challenging for those around them. 

Yes, there is definitely an opportunity to sort it out, get help and support, to focus on changing, learn a new approach or skill, but, for heavens sake, an option is ... to move on.

Unfortunately, in the work environment, people just don't know how to or are frightened to tackle the 'removalist' role; and we all know that some folk would struggle to locate another mob to take them on! We fail at being specialists with our feedback: we don't follow-up let alone follow-through with actions, we avoid conversations, we do too much thinking and not enough action and avoid eye-balling the issue. 

In the community, you'll always have the whingers; they are the neighbors who you avoid out in the street. They are never happy about what is done for them (which they've paid for) and are generally never one to volunteer. It's always fabulous when you see a 'for sale' sign on their property (OK, I'm dreaming!) but it's a rarity that the ones who should move on, do, rather than just staying put!

I wish we all had the courage to have a 'fierce conversation' (yes, adopt some of Susan Scott's techniques) and offer the proposal of 'it's time to move on' and here's how it's going to work'! This would help those who's personality just won't let go and who just need to be told.

Is there anyone in your life that needs to move on? You hear them complain about the same thing all the time (or several things)? Do them a favor and say "Honey, it's time to move on".